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No other company is so well known for its Towbars Derbyshire service as us.

This is because we can cover the very large area through our mobile towbar fitters. Mobile tow bar fitting encompasses everything a traditional tow bar fitting company does. But the big difference is that come out a fit your towbar to you car where you live or even at work if that is easier.

We have been offering mobile towbar fitting for so many years we now have repeat customers. Our reputation grew through the simple and professional service that we offered.

Finding the right towbar and then getting it fitted correctly can be daunting. For example who do you buy the towbar from, will you get the right one and will it be safe once fitted.

Our full service of supplying and fitting towbars added to the fact we will call to you to fit was a service that people wanted.

Without our Mobile towbar fitters we couldn’t have built such a customer base in and around Derbyshire.

Derbyshire is a county in the East Midlands of England. It borders Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, and South Yorkshire to the north, Nottinghamshire to the east, Leicestershire to the south-east, Staffordshire to the south and west, and Cheshire to the west. Derby is the main City and Matlock is a main town within Derbyshire.

The area of Derbyshire covers around 1000 square miles so is very large. This includes large populated areas like Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield and Swadlincote.

We have put a map below showing the Derbyshire area for our Mobile towbar fitting.

Expert mobile tow bar fitting

People really like our mobile tow bar fitting service. You can call us for this service if you are in or near the Derbyshire area and we’ll come to you to install your tow bar.

If you have been searching for Towbars Derbyshire we can help you find the right towbar and also install it.

Our team is polite and friendly, and they’ll get back to you right away. They will ask you for some information, and then they will figure out which towbars will work best with your car.

Some cars may have special features. Because of this, it is very important to choose the right towbar for your car.
Towbars for all makes and types of cars are sold and set up by us.

You don’t have to stick with the towbars that came with your car. There is a lot more to choose from from many big UK brands that will fit your car.
When you hear the phrase “Type approved towbar,” it means that the towbar was made to the same quality standards.

We do everything, from recommending the best towbar for your car to fitting it and going over the pros and cons of each one.
Towbars usually need electrical work.
Like hooking up the brake lights, turn signals, and trailer lights.
Because electrical links have to meet safety standards and government rules, we don’t think you should do it yourself.

What kinds of electrics do towbar use?

A lot of the time, installing a towbar requires a number of electrical parts to make sure it works right and follows safety rules. Typical electrical work on towbars includes the following:

Tow bar electrical kit

Towbars need a certain wiring kit to connect the car’s electrical system to the trailer. This package comes with all the modules, connectors, and wires you need.

Connections for Trailer Lights

The towbars must connect the trailer’s brake lights, turn signals and taillights to the power source. This makes sure that the trailer’s lights work with the car that is pulling it.
Caravan batteries get their power from:

Some towbars come with wiring that lets you charge the battery of a caravan or trailer while you’re moving. This makes sure that the extra systems in the caravan, like the lights inside or the fridge, can be powered while it’s being moved.

Electric brakes

If the trailer or caravan has electric brakes, the towbar may need to be wired for the brake system. This makes pulling safer because it gives the driver control over the trailer brakes on their own.

Wiring for Reverse Cameras and Sensors

Sometimes, extra wiring is needed to connect to the car’s reverse sensors or cameras. This makes sure that these safety features work right while the trailer is being towed.

Stability Control Systems

Most modern cars have stability control systems. When towing, it may be necessary to connect the towbar wiring to these devices to keep things stable and safe.

A pulling module or relay can be added to control the flow of power and make sure that the tow lights and other electrical parts don’t overload the vehicle’s electrical system.

Contact us for a towbar quote

If you want to know your towbar cost or simply need some advice about it we are happy to help.

You can call us or simply complete our enquiry form.
Either way we just need some details from you including your vehicles registration. We need this so we can look up the exact make and model of your car so we can advise of which towbars are available for your vehicle.

We believe we offer the best towbar supply and fitting price and service available in Derbyshire.

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