Towbar fitting Lichfield

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We have been offering towbar fitting Lichfield for over 10 years which has made us experts and the go to company for towbars. Our towbars Lichfield service is provided by our highly rated mobile towbar fitters who work within this area 6 days a week.

Alrewas, Armitage, Boley Park, Boney Hay, Bourne Vale, Chadsmead, Chasetown, Curborough, Fazeley, Hammerwich, Highfield, Leomansley, Longdon, Mease Valley, Shenstone, St John’s and Whittington.

The district of Lichfield is a large area. It is named after its largest settlement, the city of Lichfield, which is where the district council is based. The district also contains towns nearby like Burntwood and Fazeley. It is also surrounded by many villages that are in rural areas. One such rural area is Cannock Chase, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

Similar districts that form the district of lichfield are Stafford, East Staffordshire, South Derbyshire, North West Leicestershire, North Warwickshire, Tamworth, Birmingham and Walsall. This obviously is a huge catchment area of customers requiring towbars Lichfield.

Choose our highly rated Mobile towbar fitters

Our highly qualified and experienced installers have years of experience installing towbars and electrics, and they’ve all received the greatest training available. For all of our towbars, we offer prompt, cost-effective fitting for both trade and general public. In the industry, we are highly regarded for our mobile towbar fitters.

We only use towbars that are EC type authorised and made by reliable British and European manufacturers who adhere to the highest industry standards. We provide a work-related 100% guarantee.

How can I find the right towbar for my car in Cannock?

There are some things you need to find out and make a decision on like:

Firstly we always say find what the towing capacity of your car is.

To find out how much weight your car can tow, you can either call the manufacturer ahead of time or consult the owner’s manual. This information is essential since exceeding the towing capability may result in safety concerns.

Then just as importantly think about what exactly you will be towing.

This is crucial in determining the right towbar for you. This is because there are multiple towbar styles support a wide range of applications, including bikes, boats, RVs, and trailers. The choice of towbar depends on the kind and weight of the load.

So the next step would be to decide which towbar style you prefer.

This is because there are several different styles of towbars.

The most common types are retractable towbars, detachable, and fixed.
So have a look at these and find the cost differences. That way you can decide which one you will want.

Each type is different. A fixed towbar is one that is permanently attached to your vehicle and is always visible to oncoming traffic.

The detachable types have the advantage that when not in use, detachable towbars can be removed. This enhances the beauty of the vehicle when the towbar is not in use.

Retractable towbars are similar by being able to be kept out of sight when not in use. The car seems more sophisticated as a result of this.

After this stage you can look for the towbar type that fits your vehicle.

Some cars may have specific requirements. As such, it is essential to select a towbar that fits your make and model of car.

Think about any additional items you would like.

You will probably want extra towbar attachments. Sway control systems, safety chains, hitch balls, weight distribution, and brake and light wiring are a few examples of these. The specifications that are relevant to your towing activities will determine this. It’s crucial to choose a towbar that works with these accessories.

Employ fully experienced and qualified tow bar installers

Even though some towbars are made to be installed by the user oneself, it is typically advised that a professional install them. This improves towing safety by guaranteeing perfect alignment and installation.

We can quickly and easily inform you of the various towbar options for your car or vehicle when you get in touch with us.

Once you select one, we can provide you with a fantastic pricing for both the towbar’s supply and installation.

Our 12-month warranty will also apply to the towbar fitting and supply.

Reasons why to use us

The main reason to use us for Towbar fitting Lichfield is that we are highly experienced and rated by our clients. Another factor is because we have Mobile towbar fitters that come out to clients to fit their towbar. This makes the process a lot simpler for clients and saves them time.

  • Our supply and fitting of towbars makes for a very competitive complete price.
  • We give help and advice all the way from your initial enquiry.
  • Once the towbar is decided upon we will give a free no obligation quote.
  • We guarantee a high customer service level.
  • Service and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.
  • You can have your towbar fitted at home or at work.
  • Appointments for fittings are scheduled at convenient times for clients.
  • In the UK, we install towbars from all of the major manufacturers.
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