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Our Mobile towbar fitters offer a service second to none. It is a service of installing a towbar on a vehicle at the customer’s preferred location, usually their house or business. A towbar is a device that attaches to the chassis of a vehicle and allows it to tow trailers, caravans, or other towable things.

Here’s a breakdown of the mobile tow bar fitting procedure:


A skilled towbar fitter will inspect the vehicle to determine the best type of towbar and components for the make and model.

Towbar types include fixed, detachable, and retractable. The decision is based on the customer’s preferences and the intended use of the towbar.


The fitter will attach the towbar to the vehicle, ensuring that it is securely fastened to the chassis. Depending on the towbar type, this method may need drilling into the vehicle’s frame or the use of particular attachment points.


In addition to the towbar, wire is frequently needed to link the vehicle’s electrical system to the trailer or caravan being pulled. This comprises the lights, indicators, and brakes. The fitter will install the required wiring and connectors.


Following installation, the fitter will run tests to check that all components are working properly. This involves inspecting the electrical connections and ensuring that the towbar is firmly in place.

It is critical to engage a skilled and experienced professional for towbar installation to guarantee that everything is done correctly and safely. Additionally, local legislation and safety standards must be followed during the installation procedure.

MTF TOWBAR FITTERS go out to locations all around central England and the Midlands. These locations are based around the following areas of Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, West Bromwich and Dudley. Then further north to Tamworth, Lichfield, Cannock, Newcastle under Lyme, Crewe as well as Stourbridge and Kidderminster further south.

We have gained a great reputation in these are, for example if you search online for mobile towbar fitting Derby for instance you will find us.

Why choose our Mobile tow bar fitting service

The benefit of mobile tow bar fitting is that it saves the vehicle owner time by eliminating the requirement to visit a specific location for installation. Instead our Mobile towbar fitters goes to the customer’s preferred location, saving time and effort.

Our experienced and qualified installers have years of expertise installing electrical systems and towbars, and they have all received the highest level of training in these areas.
We provide quick fitting for all of our towbars at a moderate cost to the general public and commercial clients.

Our work is entirely guaranteed, and the towbars we use are all EC type approved and made by reputable British and European manufacturers that follow the most stringent industry requirements.

We give our customers:

  • Free, no-obligation quote at a low cost.
  • Our sales personnel is courteous, professional, and knowledgeable about our products.
  • We offer speedy and efficient service.
  • Customer satisfaction and service are ensured.
  • We are fully insured.
  • Our mobile towbar installers visit your home or workplace.
  • Customer satisfaction and service are ensured.
  • We give a 12 month Guarantee

Mobile Tow bar Fitting FAQs

Do I need to be present for the fitting?

A: It is generally a good idea to be there during the fitting to answer any queries the fitter may have and to guarantee that the towbar is installed to your specifications.

Do I need to do anything before the fitting?

A: Ensure that the car is accessible and that the fitter has enough space to work. Remove any personal items from the vehicle, if necessary. If you have any unique requirements or questions, talk to the fitter first.

How long does it take to install a towbar?

A: The time necessary for towbar fitting varies depending on the type of towbar and the vehicle. Typically, it takes several hours. Our professional fitter will give you a more accurate quotation based on your vehicle and the complexity of the installation.

Make an Enquiry today

Whether you are searching for Mobile towbar fitting Derby or anywhere in the Central and Midlands area please contact us. You can phone us on 07938960725 or contact us through our enquiry form

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