Towbars Coventry

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We are the go to towbars Coventry company. We have been fitting towbars for many years.

Our towbar installation centre is in Coventry but we also provide mobile towbar fitting.

Our highly qualified and experienced towbar installers have years of expertise installing towbars and electrical systems. They also have all received the best training available.

For all of our towbars, we provide rapid, cost-effective fitting for both trade and general public.

We are well-known in the market for our mobile towbar fitting services.

We only use towbars that are EC type approved and manufactured by reputable British and European manufacturers who follow the highest industry standards. Our towbars have a 100% guarantee.

Reasons to use us

The major reason to contact us for towbars Coventry is that we have extensive experience and are highly regarded by our customers. Another reason is that we have mobile towbar fitters who come out to clients to install their towbars. This simplifies the procedure for clients and saves time.

Our supply and installation service of towbars results in a very competitive overall price.

We provide assistance and guidance from the moment you make an enquiry.

Once the towbar has been decided upon, we will provide a free, no-obligation price.

We guarantee a high level of client service.
Service and client satisfaction are assured.
You can have your towbar installed at our installation centre in Coventry or we can fit it at home or at work.

Fitting appointments times are arranged that are convenient for the client.
In the UK, we install towbars from all major brands.

How we work – how we make sure you get the right Towbar

We always recommend determining your car’s towing capacity.
To find out how much weight your vehicle can tow, call the manufacturer ahead of time or reference the owner’s manual. This information is critical since exceeding the towing capability may cause safety issues.


We consider what you will be towing.

This is critical in identifying the best towbar for you. This is due to the fact that different towbar types can be used for a variety of purposes, such as bikes, boats and trailers.
The kind and weight of the load will determine which towbar is best to be used.


We explain the towbar types available.

There are various distinct types of towbars.

The most popular forms of towbars are Fixed, removable and retractable.
Each type will have a cost difference, so we will explain the features of each type.

Fixed towbars

A fixed towbar is permanently attached to your car and visible to oncoming traffic.

Removable towbars

The advantage of removable towbars is that they can be removed when not in use. This improves the vehicle’s appearance when the towbar is not in use.

Retractable Towbars

Retractable towbars are similar in that they can be stored out of sight when not being used. This gives the car a more sophisticated appearance.

Once a customer understands the differences they can decide which type they would prefer.

Once we know this we can search which towbars are best for your car or vehicle.

Finally there may be additional items you require.

These may be things like extra towbar attachments. Examples include sway control systems, safety chains, hitch balls, weight distribution, and brake and light wiring. This will be determined by the criteria particular to your towing activities. It’s critical to choose a towbar that is compatible with these items.

Employ fully experienced and qualified tow bar installers.

Even though certain towbars are designed to be fitted by the user, it is generally recommended that a professional install them. This increases towing safety by ensuring proper alignment and installation.

The good news is that employ fully experienced and qualified tow bar installers.

Coupled with this is we also give customers our 12-month warranty on our towbars and fitting service.

Our mobile towbar fitting

Another reason why we are so popular is because we have a team of mobile towbar fitters.
So our fitters can go out to domestic or commercial clients and fit a towbar for them.
We can arrange to fit a towbar at someone’s home or work premises.
Our mobile towbar fitters are available 6 days a week so we are confident we can arrange a day and time that is convenient.

So if you are in Coventry or outside the Coventry area our Towbars Coventry service is for you.

We cover areas in and near Coventry like:

Alderman’s Green
Allesley Green
Allesley Park
Ash Green
Ball Hill
Bannerbrook Park
Bell Green
Bishopsgate Green
Brownshill Green
Cannon Park
Clifford Park
Courthouse Green
Daimler Green
Eastern Green
Ernesford (or Ernsford) Grange
Gibbet Hill
Gosford Green
Great Heath
Green Lane
Hearsall Common
Henley Green
Little Heath
Mount Nod
Nailcote Grange
Potters Green
Spon End
Stoke Aldermoor
Stoke Heath
Tanyard Farm
Tile Hill
Toll Bar End
Victoria Farm
Westwood Heath
Whitmore Park
Wood End
Woodway Park
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