Tow Bar Fitting Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough

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Why choose our mobile towbar fitters?

For many years, we have provided tow bar fitting Corby, our services have been really well received. We feel that our mobile towbar fitters are the best in the industry.
This is because of our standards that we follow and the rigorous training that our towbar fitters will have received. We believe as a company that training our own towbar fitters is vitallly important to guarantee our very high standards.
This is vitally important so that they follow fitting instructions as well as health and safety regulations.
Other towbar fitting companies use self employed contractors. These types tend to be companies that serve a large geographical area. Their own tow bar fitters cannot get to many of the areas so the work is sub contracted out to external tow bar fitters that can. This means there is no way they can guarantee the level and quality of the work, whereas we can.

Our mobile tow bar fitters will arrange to call out to you and your vehicle. They are very flexible and available over 6 days a week to come to you.

We serve both members of the public as well as trade customers. But it’s the general public clients that we have most of in and around Corby.

The superb reputation that we have built is all about quality. You see all of the towbars we use are EC type approved and manufactured by the best European and British companies.
This ensures that they meet the most stringent industry standards.
Then because all the fitting work is done by ourselves we can totally guarantee the towbars we fit.

Which areas do our mobile towbar fitting cover in and near Corby

Our mobile towbar fitters not only serve Corby, they also cover Kettering and Wellingborough.

The area of Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough is an important one for us.

In total it is a large area being made up of Corby being 31 square miles in size, Kettering covers an area of 18 square miles and Wellingborough covers 63 square miles.

Urban areas of Corby

Corby is a town in the county of Northamptonshire, being located 23 miles north-east of Northampton.

The main areas of Corby are Rockingham, Weldon, Danesholme, Kingswood, Corby Old Village, Gretton, Exeter, Cottingham, Snatchill, Middleton, Oakley Vale, Rowlett, East Carlton, Hazelwood, Willowbrook, Stanion, Little Stanion, Beanfield and Lodge Park.

Postcode areas of Corby

NN17 and NN18.

So if you are in or near these areas you can rely on us for Tow bar fitting Corby.

What types of Towbars do we fit?

Fixed Tow bars

Fixed tow bars are permanently attached to the vehicle and provide a secure towing connection. They are both simple and affordable. However, they are always visible and can be a hindrance when not in use.

Detachable tow bars

Detachable tow bars can be removed when not in use, giving the vehicle a cleaner appearance. They can be detached in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Horizontal detachable towbars are frequently easier and require less manipulation.

Swan Neck Towbars

Swan Neck Towbars have a single, curved neck that extends from the back of the vehicle. They have a simple, unobtrusive appearance. Their design, on the other hand, may limit the types of couplings and accessories that can be used.

Flanged ball Tow bars

Flanged ball tow bars have a square or rectangular plate with a towball attached. They are adjustable, with a wide range of coupling options and attachments such as cycle carriers and stabilisers.

Tow bar fitting Questions

Question – Why should I use a towbar fitting company?

Even though towbars come with installation instructions, a professional will have much experience and is required when dealing with the intricate electrics related to them.
As an NTTA-approved installation, we have extensive knowledge and experience with towbars, and all of our work is guaranteed.

Question – How can I check a tow bar is Type approved?

You can double-check. A label, data plate or stamp with a “E” number, such as E11000102, will be attached to the tow bar.
This figure indicates that it is EC Approved in the United Kingdom (E11), has an approval number (0001), and is based on EC Document revision 2.

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