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MTF Towbar Fitters are leading tow bar fitters Derby. You just have to check our online reviews and the fact that we have over 20 year industry experience.

The requirement for vehicle owners to want a tow bar is that it can be used for many useful purposes. In Derby just like most of the UK a towbar is often fitted so it can tow a caravan. The freedom of being able to tow a caravan to take a holiday has been appealing to residents of Derby and the UK for many years.

However our tow bar fitting Derby service is also required for many useful purposes.

A towbar can tow a trailer for instance to transport items. This requirement is for both domestic customers and also for commercial requirements.

In contrast a towbar can be used for leisure activities. An example of this is that a towbar can actually be used to attach a bike carrier. The attachment onto the towball gives a sturdy platform for which to carry bikes.

We at MTF Towbar Fitters can not just give advice on what towbar might be best for you but we can also supply accessories like trailers and bike carriers. This way you are guaranteed that everything fits and works perfectly with your vehicle.

Advice on what towbar is best for you

Finding the best tow bar for you and your vehicle can be daunting. This is because there are many factors to consider.

Factors to consider when choosing a towbar

Utilisation and Frequency:

Using frequency: A fixed towbar could be more handy if you tow regularly. Perhaps a detachable or retractable towbar would be better for sporadic use.
Consider the loads you will be towing—trailers, caravans, bike racks, etc. Various loads can have particular needs.

Towing capacity:

To be sure the tow bar can carry the loads you intend to tow, find the maximum towing capability of your vehicle.
Make that the weight rating of the towbar either equals or surpasses the maximum towing capacity of your car.

Tow bar types

Fixed Tow bars:

Fixed to the car for lifetime. Ideal for regular towing, it may compromise the appearance of the car and cause sensors to be blocked.

Detachable Tow bars

When not in use, detachable towbars can be removed. These look better and don’t interfere with parking sensors.

Retractable Tow bars

When not in use, retractable towbars can be folded away or hidden, therefore combining the simplicity of fixed ones with the convenience of detachable ones.

Vehicle Make and Model: Manufacturer Guidelines

To find the kinds of towbars fit for your car, consult the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. There are certain vehicles with particular towbar needs.

Chassy Compatibility: Make sure the towbar can be firmly installed and matches the chassis of your car.

So as you can see there are many things to consider.

Using our tow bar fitters Derby service eliminates this by providing you with all the information and advice based around towbar for your vehicle.

Checklist why to use our tow bar fitting service

We will reduce all your background searching for the right tow bar for you. We can quickly find out what is available and is best suited to your needs.

All our advice is free of charge supplied by our friendly tow bar fitting Derby team.

We provide mobile tow bar fitting. This is where we come out to fit your chosen towbar without you having to come to us. So we can arrange a convenient place and time to do this with you. Our mobile tow bar fitters work 6 days a week so we are very flexible for installation dates.

We serve all the areas in and around Derby, including Mickleover, Spondon, Pride park, Allestree, Littleover, Osmaston, Pear Tree, Alvaston Boulevard, Wilmorton, Chaddesden, Chellaston, Darley Dale, Pear Tree and St Lukes.

We offer great prices on all the major brands of towbars and the fitting of them.

Our specialist team can also help and supply accessories that use tow bars like trailers and bike carriers.

Finally all our towbars and fitting come with our 12 month guarantee.

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