Mobile Towbar Fitting

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Mobile towbar fitting is so useful for our clients. Instead of requiring the customer to bring their car to our premises, we install towbars on vehicles at their desired location. The location can be their home or place of employment, as part of our mobile towbar fitting service.
We are MTF Towbar Fitters, a specialist team of mobile towbar fitters that cover the midlands area and beyond that. From Mobile towbar fitting Derby to Tow bar fitting Banbury and Mobile towbar fitting Derby to Mobile towbar fitting Leicester we are available 6 days a week.

A towbar is a device which is fastened to the chassis of a vehicle to enable it to tow caravans, trailers, and other kinds of towable machinery.

Our mobile towbar fitting starts from firstly reviewing the car to identify the best towbar for installation.
There are different types of towbars so there may be more than 1 that is suitable. So it’s always best to get advice from a professional like ourselves.
We can identify the right towbar for your car from the make, model, and year.

Our towbar installation

Installing the towbar onto the car’s chassis is the first step. This procedure includes drilling holes in the chassis, attaching the towbar frame, and making sure the connection is solid and strong.

Along with the towbar, our mobile towbar fitters deal frequently with the electrical components. This includes hooking up trailer lights, indicators and brake lights to the truck.
Sufficient electrical connections are essential for both legal compliance and safety.

A part of our professional towbar fitting service following installation, we test the towbar and wiring. This done so to confirm that all components are working properly.
An example of this is when we have wired a caravan. We test them to guarantee that the lights and other electrical components operate as intended.

After this our mobile towbar fitters will offer advice and guidance. As an example this is often based around how to use the towbar so its safe. It is very important to know the weight limitations that the towbar will take and generally how to tow safely with the fitted towbar.

Finally we provide documentation that confirms the towbar was fitted following its recommended instructions and regulations.

Why choose our Mobile towbar Fitters

Our mobile towbar fitting team are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who have installed electrics and towbars for many years. The best training is offered to our mobile towbar fitting staff.
This makes it possible for us to offer quick and affordable fitting. This applies to the general public as well as the trade on all of our towbars.

The finest European and British businesses create the towbars we utilise, all of which have EC type approval. This guarantees that they satisfy the highest industry requirements.

We offer superior customer service and guarantee all of our work. This entails responding to the questions and concerns of the client and guaranteeing their satisfaction with the installation.

Our overall goal while installing a mobile towbar is to make the process as simple as possible for the owner of the vehicle while also making sure that the installation is safe and compliant with all regulations.

Towbar fitting Faq’s

Q- Will my bumper need cutting?

A- Most towbars must fit into the mounting positions indicated by the manufacturer. Because current bumpers are built to stretch below the vehicle, there is no other option than to make incisions for the tow bar, which are done in such a way that they are undetectable from regular viewing.

If you wish to know if this applies to your automobile or vehicle, please phone us and we can help you right away.

Q- Will fitting a non manufacturers towbar affect my vehicles warranty?

A- The answer is definitely no. You can use a different brand of towbar as long as it is Type Approved; this will not void your vehicle’s warranty.

Type Approved signifies that the tow bar has been approved to be of the same quality as the car manufacturer’s components, implying that it is just as safe and legal.

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